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Mixed Use Means Multiple Revenue Streams

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Since the economic tsunami of 2008 has left the real estate industry living in the new normal, developers, designers, property managers and city officials alike need to become more innovative in both redevelopment and consideration of new real estate development projects. While the concept of mixed use is certainly not a new concept, the need to maximize revenue opportunities and project flexibility is even more critical than in the past. With skittish investors and anemic capital flows into real estate assets, the need for a solid business plan, an experienced team, and the almighty exit strategy are paramount to both project financing as well as risk amelioration. Without financing the project is a dream; without a well-thought-out business plan and experience at the helm you end up with a well-financed train wreck! The key attributes that you want to look for in a mixed use project include Project Flexibility, Green Building Practices, Diverse Market Mix, and Compactness or Phase-ability.

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